With me, you’ll see and feel the difference — meaningful moments that overflow with love, and imagery that lets you relive it all, again and again.

Advocating experiences that instill trust & foster joy. So we can create photos with irreplaceable memories.

Bay  Area Photographer

Natalie is a Bay Area photographer who takes a lighthearted approach to art-inspired wedding imagery. Photography has always been a constant presence in her life, often borrowing her mom’s camera for impromptu photoshoots. However, it wasn’t until her wedding that she uncovered her own love of the artform and its ability to create tangible keepsakes of a moment gone by. Now, almost a decade later, she finds wholehearted fulfillment when bringing joy to others through her images, capturing memories for them that will last a lifetime.

Although I can’t get enough of floral-filled ceremonies, it's the heart-filled, handwritten vows shared by couples that always bring tears to my eyes. But, above all, I can’t get enough of bringing joy to others through my images, making these immersive memories into something tangible that can be savored over time.

Wedding moments I adore

As a Bay Area Photograher

“Not only did our pictures turn out next level amazing, she was [early for our] wedding day, kept me on schedule, followed a shot list and provided creative ideas, made us feel comfortable, was so fun and truly became a valued friend. I have friends from all over the country asking if she will travel for their wedding … because she is THAT. GOOD.”

"She is THAT. GOOD."


Bree & Patrik

Recognizing that true love and family are not confined by culture or identity, I celebrate and welcome every individual across all ethnicities, cultures, and gender identities. 

Inviting Inclusivity

While yes, I can’t get enough of my very cuddly cats, and camping provides the perfect creative boost to keep the fire burning (preferably with a s’more in hand), the time spent with my family singing, dancing, running through the park — doing whatever it may be that brings us closer — that means the most to me. It’s these fast and unforgettable moments of happiness that I love to capture most.

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