Nate & Angey New Spicer Meadow


Every year I photograph Angey & Nate and their beautiful family, but this time not only did we do a family session, but we also did a session focused solely on the two of them! As we were leaving their family session at Spicer Reservoir, we spotted this grove that had that ‘Post Apocalyptic’ feel. This was their vision! They wanted to look amazing in a not so beautiful area, and WOWW thank goodness for their vision because this session was everything! Not only was our location perfect but we made it just in time to catch the perfect golden sunset!

Nate & Angey have incredible chemistry and have THE BEST sense of humor! They love being silly, and are great at bringing out their serious ‘model like’ looks! I had so much fun photographing this beautiful couple! It was totally worth the standing in the 40 degree weather to capture these pictures!

I can’t wait to see what we create this year!



- Natalie

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