Romantic Wine and Roses Weddings | Gabby + Keoni


Spring weddings are just always so beautiful, though it wasn’t technically spring it sure felt and looked like a spring wedding! The day could not have been more beautiful. Gabby and Keoni got married at their church in Stockton and then headed to Wine and Roses weddings venue for their reception.

Gabby looked absolutely stunning. From her hair to her satin wedding dress and cathedral veil, she looked royal. Keoni wore a black tuxedo and looked so handsome and like he was meant for a 007 movie.

When Keoni saw Gabby for the first time coming down the aisle, he was so emotional, holding back tears. It was a beautiful moment to witness. Their ceremony was sweet and they would glance at each other often with a smile filled with excitement.

After the Ceremony we headed to Wine and Roses wedding venue. Once we arrived, we walked around the grounds to take portraits. A fun thing about Wines and Roses is, they have bird cages filled with birds. We got to enjoy their singing and chirping during portraits. Gabby and Keoni’s Bride and Groom portraits were stunning. Their chemistry is amazing and they truly love each other. Just the easy they look at each other, every picture was so romantic and intimate. Some of my favorites I’ve taken to this day.

They then celebrated their reception with all their loved ones. It was an outside patio setup with long tables. Elegant and intimate, perfect for them. When I was taking photos of the details, a beautiful Monarch Butterfly came to Gabby’s place setting. I couldn’t believe this happened right in from of me, I of course had to snap a couple pictures. If that isn’t good luck, I don’t know what is.

I am so excited for Gabby and Keoni in their new life together. Can’t wait for what the future holds for these kind souls.


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- Natalie

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