Livermore Park Engagement Photos | Kim & Ryan


This by far has been of my most unique and oh so fun sessions! Kim and Ryans Livermore Park engagement photos was so incredible. They chose to stay close to home and have their engagement session in Livermore while incorporating their favorite things; their dog Bandit and Ryans baby, his Camaro. Having grown up in Livermore, I was so excited to capture great photos of this sweet couple with their cute dog and an amazing car at historical locations.

We started in a park in Livermore where we got to give Bandit all the attention and love. He did such a good job and looked so cute in his bow tie! He then got a treat and got to go home with his best friend while Kim, Ryan, and I continued our session. Ryan has put a lot of time and love into his Camaro and it is his pride and joy. He takes it to car shows to show it off and so of course it needed to be a part of their engagement photos.

Duarte Garage is a historic garage and was a great location to show off Ryans Camaro. This garage sits on a corner of a very busy street, and Kim and Ryan got some honks and cheers which was so fun. To end our session we went to another historic site in Livermore, the restored Flying A gas station. Though it isn’t a working gas station, it was the perfect spot for Kim and Ryans engagement session with the Camaro.

Kim and Ryan met online and instantly had a connection. They have enjoyed their time together with Bandit, having weekend getaways camping, and lastly taking the Camaro out for a drive.

The Proposal

“On Christmas morning, he put a note at the bottom of my stocking saying “ask bandit for the rest of your gift” and out comes bandit with a bright red Christmas collar with a ring attached to it! Then I kind of blacked out 🤣 “. Now here we are getting ready to celebrated these two amazing people.

I for their wedding in May and to get more photos with the Camaro on their wedding day!


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