Montalvo Arts Center Engagement | Taylor + Chad


Chad and Taylor’s romantic engagement session at the Montalvo Arts Center was an absolute dream. The lush foliage and blooming flowers provided a dreamy atmosphere for the shoot. The historic buildings added even more charm to the session. The ivy-covered walls, romantic archways, and grand staircases gave the couple a regal presence in the pictures. The elegant setting perfectly complemented the romantic mood of the engagement session.

It was clear from the very beginning of our session that there was an unspoken bond between Taylor and Chad. The way they laughed, held each other close, and gazed into each other’s eyes is a testament to the strong bond they share. It was clear to anyone watching that these two were meant to be together.

Chad and Taylor’s engagement session was not only visually stunning, but truly heartwarming as well. It’s always an honor to capture such a special time in a couple’s life. I am so excited to not only capture their wedding day, but to also capture it and share their love story.

Montalvo Arts Center engagement photos

How They Met

Their love story is an amazing one. They technically met in preschool and have a picture together in the yearbook. Though it wasn’t until freshmen year in high school they met and got to know each other. Throughout high school they dated on and off, attended dances and proms together. They went to different colleges in different states, but never lost touch. After graduating college they found their way back to each other and started dating again. They’ve known each other since they were fourteen but Taylor said dating after college was like starting all over and re-learning each other.

The Proposal

Chad proposed to Taylor on her birthday in 2022. It was a ridiculously hot day and Chad wanted to take their 6 month puppy, Bear, on a hike. Taylor was very against it because it was just too hot, but eventually gave in and went. When they got to the trail, the ground was very hot and Taylor felt awful for Bear. She was so worried he would die of heat stroke, it made her emotional and she teared up. She then notices someone in the distance standing in the bushes, and was instantly worried. Thinking it was someone who could harm them. They decided to continue walking after chad reassured her everything was okay.

Taylor upset, teary eyed, and now scared then notices Chad getting down on one knee. He puts bandana on Bear that said “will you marry my dad”. After she said yes, she sees the person come out of the bushes, only to realize it’s her mom. What makes this story even crazier is that it was so hot that the phone wouldn’t turn on. So she was there to record the proposal and couldn’t!

Taylor and Chad love their proposal story and think it is a fun story to look back on forever. After they finished their hike, Taylor and Chad went to dinner where they were celebrated with their families.

As they patiently wait to tie the Knot this fall, they are enjoying time with Bear, going on walks, camping, and enjoying the beach.


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